Alcoholism Brain Changes in Men

Drinking Brain Changes in Men

While men and women both face numerous challenges at the hands of alcoholism, including increased cancer risks, liver damage, heart disease, and nervous system problems. Alcoholism, heavy drinking, and binge drinking are also associated with specific neurological changes in the brain that affect men more than women.

A recent study found that chronic drinking leads to diminished brain activity in crucial brain areas for men related to emotional processing, memory, and social processing. 1 The specific areas of the male brain that are changed by alcoholism include:

  • Amygdala
  • Hippocampus
  • Superior Frontal Region
  • Supramarginal Region

This new study shows that men and women both face challenges related to alcoholism a little differently. Though both genders experience difficulties caused by chronic drinking, the alcoholism brain changes in men are especially pronounced. Alcoholic men may have challenges with cognition, emotion, and other interpersonal skills due to the reduced functionality of important brain regions as a result of chronic alcohol consumption.

What Alcoholism Brain Changes in Men Mean for Recovery

These alcoholism brain changes in men highlight how much there is to learn about addiction and recovery. While general treatment for addiction takes a similar path for both men and women, these new studies show that men and women require unique approaches to treatment. Effective rehab should address each challenge a person faces in their recovery, including the effects of alcoholism on the brain..