Is a PHP Treatment or IOP Treatment Plan Better for Me?

The fact you are willing to read this information is a good sign. It indicates that you might, in fact, be ready to admit you have an addiction problem and need help. If so, we are here to do just that, offer you help.

You most likely have questions about treatment. Rehab is a serious business. This is where addiction counselors get the opportunity to save lives. No, that’s not an overdramatization. Some people enter rehab on the cusp of losing themselves to addiction. Nobody wants to see that happen. That’s exactly why rehabs such as ours offer a variety of treatment options. It’s important to have options that will fit any circumstances a prospective client might bring to the table.

In most cases, inpatient residential care is by far the best treatment option. It gives both the staff and client plenty of time to thoroughly address the client’s addiction and get the client started on the road to recovery. Still, there are reasons why people cannot or will not submit to residential treatment. The most common reasons include:

  • The cost of residential treatment is too high
  • The individual has work or school obligations they cannot avoid
  • The individual has family responsibilities like childcare that they cannot avoid
  • The individual is the family’s primary source of income and cannot afford to miss work.

These are all viable reasons to consider outpatient care. For a moment, let’s assume you have personal circumstances that make inpatient residential care too restrictive. Using this assumption, let’s discuss outpatient care and how you might prefer that option.

Is a PHP Treatment or IOP Treatment Plan Better for Me?

There are in fact three different levels of outpatient care. They include:

The latter option is generally reserved for people who enter rehab with a manageable situation, requiring little more than some counseling to help right the ship. Standard outpatient care is also available for people who have been through a higher level of treatment and just need some followup counseling.

PHP and IOP are really the core options of any outpatient program. They are similar as far as treatment models are concerned. In both cases, the client will spend a prescribed amount of time in the rehab facility. During that time, they will be required to take part in intensive individual and group therapy programs. As long as the client makes progress and abides by the rules and their treatment schedules, they should be able to get what they need from treatment. Should they struggle, they could be asked to submit to residential treatment or leave the treatment program altogether.

The question is: would you be better suited to a PHP or IOP program? Let’s discuss this.

The PHP Option

that really differentiates all three levels of outpatient treatment is the amount of time the client has to spend in the treatment facility. Standard outpatient treatment requires 1-2 hours a day 2-3 days a week of treatment for perhaps several months. Not at all restrictive. Things are quite different at the highest level, which is PHP.

A PHP program would require you to spend 6-8 hours a day in the facility, 5-7 days a week. During that time, you would need to spend a significant amount of time in individual counseling. You might also be expected to participate in group therapy sessions and perhaps take part in group activities.

This is a fairly restrictive option. It would afford you some time to handle responsibilities at home or work. At the same time, you would have to put equal focus on treatment.

The IOP Option

This option has more lenient time restrictions, but still requires a high level of participation in individual and group therapy programs. From a time perspective, you would be required to spend up to 4-6 hours a 3-5 days a week in the facility. Since a lot of that work could be done on weekends, this option fits well with people who have important outside responsibilities.